The future doesn't exist

The first five years.
WAACs was founded at a time when other studios were struggling to survive. For founding partners, Joost Alferink, Joost van Alfen and Dienand Christe, the time could no have been riper. As harmony is born of dissonance, fruit can be harvested in an over-cultivated field. Throughout its five-year history, WAACs has shown this to be the case. The organic nature of this award-winning and strong-minded studio allws each partner to approach his work according to his own philosophy. The individual is the focus of the collective, not the other way around.
WAACS does not seek to be identified with any one particular market segment. The studio maintains no set pattern of development.
The first five years have been good.
The voyage continues.

original concept and textual identity for WAACs design and consultancy
Meghan Ferrill