ping-pong is a verb: to make, to do, to be, to want, to build, to dive, to fly, to know, to whistle, to skip, to tell, to try.

It is also a noun: story, organism, engine, world, fertility, expansion, knife, flower, cloud, rebel, salt, fire, heartbeat.

It is a state of mind: curious, blunt, bold sensitive, daring, romantic, assertive, comic, twisted, inspired.

As well as a manner of being: spirited, driven, dramatic, commercial, candid, teachable, defiant, willing, unusual, brilliant.

ping-pong is a small studio. We maintain an extensive network of talented minds in the related fields of marketing, media, production, photography, writing, etc. Whatever it takes to make the story complete.

excerpt from Consider This__concept, textual identity and corporate story created for ping-pong design
Meghan Ferrill