excerpts from VESCOM___client since 2000___Silk and Non-woven wallcovering booklets featuring 2010 collection___collection names and descriptions___design, Dirk Laucke

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from Nonwoven collection
A nod to the twinkling constellations adorning the night sky ? points of light trimmed with halos of incandescent stardust ? now violet, now turquoise, now mauve ? true stars to wish upon.
Imbued with the splendor of castles and kings ? queens clad in ivory satin ? wine-filled vessels, silver and gold ? shimmering diadems inlaid with rubies, diamonds, topaz, citrine.
Like elegant equations that distinguish the art of geometry, rhythmic patterns give way to kinesthetic experience ... all mood and motion ? an array of repetitive forms dancing before the eyes.
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Vescom?s Non-woven collection is dazzling. Bringing luxury interiors to life, by day and by night.

Graceful baroque-style designs and elegant geometric matte patterns printed on shimmering metallic backgrounds. At once regal and contemporary, the collection features a wealth of colors reminiscent of Earth?s bounty of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

This exceptional Non-Woven collection also features wallcovering Made with CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements. Clear and colored crystal elements of variable sizes are applied in a proprietary process developed by Vescom.

Vescom?s Non-woven collection is radiant, transformative, magical.

Walls will never be the same.

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from Silk collection
Inspired by the ?fertile crescent? of the Mediterranean, where majestic olive-bearing trees grip the stony earth . . . silver-backed leaves shine now green, now gold in the midday sun.
A bow to the sweet-scented orchid . . . delicate clusters of creamy white petals throated with whorls of lavender taupe and mauve.
Recalls the beauty of tree bark . . . its sublime hues and range of textures, smooth or fissured, glossy or flat . . . the unrivaled quality of its strong stringy fibers.

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Vescom?s Silk collection is an expression of sophistication, luxury, sensuality and grace. Every color, every texture, evokes a mood, a feeling, an emotion.

The collection?s rich ambient color palette is exquisitely designed to reflect the kind of intimacy, warmth and vitality sought by the world?s most admired interior environments.

It?s personal.
Meghan Ferrill