EUREKA! exclaimed Archimedes, who had been sitting in his bathtub puzzling over the King's conundrum. Meanwhile the goldsmith, undisturbed by accusations lodged against him, forged another exquisite crown, this time for the Queen in a neighboring realm. It was nonsense, he reasoned, to rely solely on science to explain the what and how and why of things. The gold crown he designed for the now disgruntled King displayed the most stunning craftsmanship. Its charm was magnetic. People couldn't take their eyes off of it. Unfortunately for the King, he was hard-pressed to grasp the magic of it. His mind clouded his heart. Following Archimedes pronouncement that the crown was not made of solid gold, the King called for the goldsmith's head. Fortunately for the goldsmith, he escaped to marry the client Queen, who fell in love with his talent. The King henceforth was admired for his mercy (thanks to a little palace spin) and revered far and wide for the unique beauty of his crown.

Think about it.
Meghan Ferrill